"VE" Series - FOC+PG Control AC Drive
Input: 3 Ph./415V, Output: 3Ph./415V
This series adopts FOC (Field Oriented Control) which is a far more precise vector control algorithm. It can be used in both speed control and position control similar to a servo motor drive. The multi-function I/O terminal is expanded to meet users' various application needs. In addition, it is supplied with a Windows based PC software program for managing parameters and dynamic monitoring. It provides an excellent solution for load regulation. It can output 150% of rated torque at zero speed, and it can have "point to point" and relative distance control functions for position control, making it the best choice for challenging industrial control applications.


KW/HP Model Price
0.75/1 VFD007V43A-2 24700
1.5/2 VFD015V43A-2 28100
2.2/3 VFD022V43A-2 30500
3.7/5 VFD037V43A-2 33700
5.5/7.5 VFD055V43A-2 47100
7.5/10 VFD075V43A-2 53000
11/15 VFD110V43B-2 65300
15/20 VFD150V43A-2 71700
18.5/25 VFD185V43A-2 93000
22/30 VFD220V43A-2 106000
30/40 VFD300V43A-2 143000
37/50 VFD370V43A-2 160000
45/60 VFD450V43A-2 190000
55/75 VFD550V43C-2 230000
75/100 VFD750V43C-2 275000
Breaking is inbuilt up to 15HP